Family Inquiry Form


Dear WSA Parents/Guardians,

The Family Inquiry form is a key factor in determining a school’s eligible to receive funding that will provide your child with the necessary resources such as textbooks, after school tutoring and other programs that can support their learning and overall experience and achievement.

In early September we sent home the Family Income Inquiry form that will allow the city to determine funding for our school. We are happy to share that while lunch is free for all New York City public school students, we still need to collect completed lunch forms from all families to provide the support that our students need. We are aware of the concern about disclosing any personal information on the form, therefore we would like to inform you that this information is confidential. Federal regulations do not allow the Department of Education to share this information with any other agency.

We need your cooperation. Please complete the form online at as soon as possible. You will receive immediate confirmation that this form was submitted.





October Newsletter
 Westchester Square Update

A closer look at WSA Living.

Dear WSA Families,

As an outgrowth of our values, we expect all members of our community to be present and be committed to their own personal growth during the school day. As a parent, expect to receive a phone call if your child is late or absent. We know you value your child’s personal and academic growth as much as we do, and we believe that together we can ensure all students are present and ready to learn

Best, Principal Yira Salcedo

     College Application Week! October 22-26
The purpose of College Application week is to provide an increase of student college applications, create structured opportunity and resources for WSA high school seniors to apply to postsecondary institutions. Programs and activities will be hosted during the school day that assists students in completing college applications, and engage the school and local communities, families and others in creating college-going culture within the school.

Leaders of Tomorrow!
9th graders Malinda N., Christine C., and Brianna P. took the initiative to form a club entitled Leader of Tomorrow as a space for freshmen to have a voice throughout their four years at WSA. Leaders of Tomorrow introduces participants to responsible activism. Students will learn how to organize events and develop leadership skills. The 9th grade team is super excited to embark on this journey with our dedicated freshmen.

The Guidance Department would like to take this opportunity to welcome our families to Westchester Square Academy. We are looking forward to working with you this year in providing academic and personal/emotional success to your child. We can be reached at the following extensions:

9th Grade – Ms. Callahan Ext. 4011

10th Grade – Ms. Kaplan Ext. 4012/Ms. Vargas Ext. 4013

11th Grade – Ms. Vargas Ext. 4013

12th Grade – Ms. Massiah Ext. 4016

Quick Reminder:
The Parent Association meeting is held every 3rd Tuesday of the month. All are welcomed to attend. Meet board members, engage in discussion about how the PA operates and what you can do to get more involved.

Take a glance at the WSA Calendar for future events and important dates. 


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