National Honor Society Inductees

Attention all NHS Inductees, there is a MANDATORY MEETING tomorrow Tuesday, April 19th.

The meeting will take place at the beginning of 6th period in room 308 with Ms. Decicco. Attendance will be taken, so please do not miss this meeting. 

National Honor Society Ceremony

As the school year approaches its end, the award ceremonies are starting to take place. The ceremonies are not in place to make our school and staff look good, but to actually reward the students for putting their full effort and time into their academics. The more effort and dedication applied by the student, the more prestigious the award becomes. With that being said, on Thursday, May 19th at 5pm, The National Honor Society Induction Ceremony will take place.

An induction into the National Honor Society is one of the highest academic honors you can receive. To achieve this honor, the student had to go through a couple different requirements to show off that they are fully qualified to be worthy of an induction. During the past 2 months, students were selected by the National Honor Society Committee and if the selected student were interested in the opportunity, they were then asked to complete forms, which is provided by the Committee. The forms would display their personal accolades, recordings of their acts of service over their high school career, and they would also have to provide an essay in which they are required to explain why they deserve a special place in National Honor Society history by putting on display their strengths of character within/outside of our school community. 

Pre-Inductees would also have to go through the National Honor Society interview process. The interview process would be conducted by our esteem staff members of WSA. The interview process will consist of the examination of the materials that were submitted and the review of all answers provided by the student in the meeting.   

After this intense and committed process that the student goes through to become an inductee for the National Honor Society. The National Honor Society Committee will then send out the acceptances letters. The acceptance letters have been given to each inductee on March 8th. The ceremony will take place on Thursday, May 19th at 5pm at 3000 E Tremont Ave. Invitations will be given out soon. 

It Was Amazing While It Lasted

Tuesday, April 19th will mark the end of our Spirit Month extravaganza. To celebrate the end of an awesome Spirit Month, Tuesday’s dress-up theme will be “Pajama Day”. The theme of the day will allow you to show off your best ‘PJs’ set. As we urge all of our students to show off their best Pajama outfits, we do ask to make sure they are still appropriate to be worn in the building. Creativity is key, as the Race for New Roc City continues, so the more creative you and your mentorship are the more points you will receive. So get comfy and make sure to bring a pillow, as we are set to celebrate the end… our pajamas!!




PS: Students who choose to not participate must come to school in FULL UNIFORM. This is not a dress down day, so students’ whose outfits don’t qualify as a Pajama set, will be considered out of uniform.  

Our Phone System is on Vacation, Apparently.

We would like to apologize to you if you are trying to get in contact with us, we are still experiencing some technical difficulties with our phone systems. We are definitely on the job and trying to get the issue resolved as soon as possible. As a staff, we would like to apologize once again and we will have the systems up and running soon. Thank you for your understanding.

Ps. Please remember you can utilize our reply button on the school website to get in contact with our staff members as well.

Thank You,

WSA Support Team



Phone Trouble At WSA

Apparently we have been having major phone issues with calls coming into the building lately.  We are aware of this problem and we are working to resolve it as soon as possible. Please bare with us as we are finalizing the phone situation at this very moment. On behalf of our whole WSA staff we apologizes for the inconvenience this may cause the families and or our students.

Ps. Please remember you can utilize our reply button on the school website to get in contact with our staff members as well.

Thank You,

WSA Support Team

The Season Has Just Begun for Our Rugby Team

Rugby Season has just begun and the excitement around this team has the entire school buzzing. The team is having a terrific start to the season, as they pulled out 2 wins in their first four games. Now, you may be confused a little on what qualifies as a win for Rugby.

As any competitive sport played by mankind, the team who scores the most points win. The way to score points during the game is by converting a “Try” and a “Conversion”. A “Try”, which could be similar to a touchdown in Football is made when the team possessing the ball crosses and successfully grounds the ball in their opponent’s in-goal. By doing so, 5 points are then rewarded to the scoring team. After a “Try” is completed a “Conversion” can take place, which can be attempted by either a place kick or drop kick that successfully goes thru and above the crossbar of  the H-shaped goal post located in the back of the in-goal. During this high pace and exhilarating 14 minutes of continuously running clock (which include two 7 minute half’s with no allowed time-out), each player on the field will have a opportunity to score a “Try”, run with the ball, pass, tackle and invade opposition. While Rugby demands a lot from its players, it is a true team sport that helps develop and install important life benefitting lessons, such as team work, discipline, respect, camaraderie, honesty and leadership skills.

Now, with all the logistics out the way, let’s get back to our teams. Lets start with our Boys Rugby team who is led by one of our very own members of WSA’s Dean Team and Physical Education Department, Jozef Mackie. Since Rugby is not a sport played very much in  the States, Coach Mackie has done a fantastic job of integrating the sport into the School’s Sports Culture. In their short history, the Boys Rugby team has been on the brink of winning a championship for a couple of years now and they look to finally accomplish that feat this season. With some new additions to the team, and some returning key players from the previous year, Coach Mackie think’s this could be the team that finally gets over the hump. If you want to catch the Boys Rugby team in action, Friday, April 15th at 4pm they will have another set of games at Randall Island on field 74 & 75.

Good Luck Guys !!! Bring home the hardware.




Lights…..Camera…..Action !!

Battle Of The Mentorship Continues!
Ever dreamed about walking the red carpet? or dressed as if you were attending the red carpet, well here’s your chance to:
April 12th 2016, WSA will be hosting a “Red Carpet Tuesday“. All students can now showcase their best look or should I say red carpet look.
What mentorship will win the award for “best red carpet photo”  and be that much closer to that grand prize to New Roc City?

The Spirit Continues

Tuesday, April 5th, 2016, 2nd Week of Spirit Month will commence. This Tuesday’s theme will be ‘Dress Like Your Favorite Teacher’. Students will have the opportunity to capture the looks of their favorite teacher. From the way that they wear their hair to the way they tie their sneakers. 

Also, this Spirit day weighs in on the Mentorship Competition that is taking place right now in WSA. This is a creative commitment the student can bring to life about their ‘Favorite Teacher’,  As they pile up the points during Spirit Month, the Mentorship with the highest total will receive a  Reward Trip to New Roc City.

So show off your inner copycat and bring some creativity as well, who can become their best Favorite Teacher Twin” 




PS: All students who choose not to participate in the events, will have to dress in FULL UNIFORM as usual.

Dress Like The Rainbow

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016, marks the start of WSA’s Spirit Month. In celebration of the start of Spirit Month, we are asking all students and staff to participate in Color Day. To participate in Color Day we ask of you to wear as many colors as you can in your outfit.

To inspire competition in this awkwardly fun day, all mentorship classes will compete with each other by receiving points for creativity and total amount of colors as a whole. As a result of the Gang PD we are trying to be more vigilant against gang related colors/insignia and students should not come dressed in one entire color i.e. red, blue, yellow from head to toe. So we strongly suggest get massively creative and incorporate an absurd amount of colors in your outfits to become the BEST !!!



PS: This is not an official dress down day, so all students who do not participate MUST WEAR FULL UNIFORM.

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