Important School Policies & Information

WSA Uniform Policy
The following items are considered to be “uniform:”

  1. Maroon, or white colored polo shirt with WSA logo.
  2. White Oxford shirt with WSA Logo
  3. Black pants (including jeans)
  4. Black skirt
  5. Solid colored navy, white, black, maroon or gray crew neck sweater or V-neck cardigan.

The following items are NOT considered to be “uniform:”

  1. Shorts
  2. Capris
  3. Sweatpants/Spandex/Yoga Pants
  4. Sweatshirts/hoodies
  5. Tee-shirts
  6. Non-WSA Polo or Oxford shirts.

Exceptions: Students who are part of an official PSAL sports team at the Lehman campus are permitted to wear their team uniform jerseys on game days only. Students must still come to school with black pants in order to be considered in uniform.

During the School Day Pick Up Policy
Please make every effort to make doctor’s appointments or any other appointments after the 2:35 p.m. dismissal.  At the designated time the parent or guardian should report directly to the main office to pick up the child.  If your child will be picked up by someone other than a parent/guardian, the individual must be indicated on the blue emergency card. The individual will be asked to sign the student out in the log book. Once the sign out procedures are completed, the child will be released to the office for dismissal. Please understand that your child will not be released to an individual unless they are indicated on the Blue Emergency Card. Only relatives 18 years or older can sign-out a child and proper identification is mandatory. Written correspondence (i.e. e-mail, letter or fax) are not accepted to sign a child out, only the names listed on the blue card. In addition, a note from a parent/guardian is NOT accepted to excuse or dismiss students early from school.