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Position: High School Teacher

Location: 3000 E. Tremont Ave., Bronx, NY

Available positions include but are not limited to the following licenses: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Spanish, Earth Science and Physics, Social Studies, Special Education.  Dual certification in content area and Special Education and ESL is preferred.

The mission of Westchester Square Academy is to develop confident readers, writers and speakers who feel deeply connected to and supported by our school community.  We prepare our students for college through a liberal arts curriculum focused on writing, critical thinking and peer discussion, and we give them the opportunity to connect with their passions through elective coursework in the arts, sciences and humanities. An underpinning of the WSA model is a nurturing school culture that encourages reflection, collaboration and experiential learning.

WSA has a unique school model in the NYC Department of Education in that its student body includes students who are accepted through a screened program, as well as students that enter through the limited unscreened process. We take great pride in the fact that our curricular offerings reward both achievement and ambition through an “open enrollment” honors program and Pre-AP track in the 9th and 10th grades, with a goal of widening student access to a range of AP offerings in the 11th and 12th grade. Ultimately, this curriculum, coupled with college readiness supports and the development of soft skills in our mentorship program, will promote college readiness in all of our students.

We are seeking experienced educators with a proven track record of collaboration, curriculum development, social and emotional mentorship of students and helping students meet high academic expectations.   School staff is encouraged to attend summer planning and curriculum work sessions as well as participate in after school tutoring programs. School staff is also encouraged to develop, lead, and recruit students for extracurricular activities such as clubs, sports, and teams, and participate in an overnight student orientation retreat and some weekend/ evening parent outreach events.  Advance notice of the dates will be supplied, and those who attend will be compensated according to the terms of the UFT contract. Teacher participation in the activities is voluntary, but strongly encouraged, as the activities are very important for the development of the school.

NYS Certification in the appropriate content area, with satisfactory ratings.

Because roles in new schools are varied and complex serious consideration will be given to applicants who demonstrate in their resume and cover letter experience and/or willingness to become involved in these essential aspects:

  • Collaboration with colleagues to write curriculum maps, plan units, write interim assessments, share teaching strategies, visit peer classrooms, analyze student data, and develop best practice pedagogy that supports literacy and critical thinking skills across all subject areas;
  • Commitment to foster student personal growth through a system of consistent and continuous feedback;
  • Ability or willingness to take on duties that support classroom teaching (i.e. frequently meeting with departments and grade levels, writing and implementing school policy, being an active part of the school decision making process, etc.);
  • Leading a student mentorship group that includes community and team building, social development with consistent feedback, and school to home communication about attendance, achievement, concerns and general school communication.

The successful candidate will exemplify:

  • Evidence of willingness to carry out above duties and responsibilities
  • Demonstrated evidence of a strong work ethic and strong team skills
  • Demonstrated ability or willingness to develop curriculum for and lead a student mentorship group (similar to advisory) focused on social-emotional support and community teambuilding
  • Demonstrated ability or willingness to learn how to develop backward mapped unit plans and curriculum maps that prioritize skill development in specific subject areas and benchmark assessments that measure student progress
  • Demonstrated evidence of the ability to reflect and articulate the lessons learned from past experience
  • Demonstrated evidence of excellent classroom management skills
  • Clear articulation of an educational philosophy that matches the WSA instructional vision for skill focused work driven by reading, writing and discussion standards
  • Clear articulation of an educational philosophy that matches the WSA vision for a supportive and structured school culture
  • Demonstrated ability or willingness to meet the needs of English Language Learners in lessons and assessments while maintaining high expectations for student achievement
  • Demonstrated ability or willingness to accommodate students with special needs in lessons and assessments while maintaining high expectations for student achievement
  • Demonstrated ability or willingness to work with Special Education teachers and ESL teachers to create a collaborative team-taught classroom and ensure the success of all students
  • Demonstrated evidence of strong content knowledge
  • Demonstrated commitment or willingness to continuous professional growth (i.e. professional development, formal education, outside reading)
  • Experience with or demonstrated desire in leading evidence based discussions, such as Socratic Seminars
  • Demonstrated ability or willingness to learn how to develop interim assessments, analyze student data collected from interim assessments, and adjust teaching practices to ensure student understanding
  • Demonstrated ability to formulate higher-order, open-ended questions to lead students in scholarly dialogue
  • Demonstrated evidence of attention to details in unit and lesson planning
  • Demonstrated ability to articulate the criteria for exemplary student work
  • Demonstrated ability to help students overcome conceptual difficulties in a specific content area
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing with colleagues, parents, students, and the community
  • Demonstrated experience or willingness to participate in teacher-led study groups and teacher led professional development
  • Demonstrated experience or willingness to incorporate reading, writing, speaking and reasoning into his/her subject area
  • Demonstrated experience or willingness to participate in the multi-faceted activities of a new school community outside of classroom teaching responsibilities
  • Demonstrated experience or willingness to engage in a community where teaching is public (i.e. engaging in classroom visits, publication/critique of units, interim assessments, and curricula maps, sharing of dilemmas in Critical Friends Groups etc.)
  • Demonstrated ability or willingness to teach an elective class related to subject area or teacher interest.

In addition to the interview, teacher candidates must present teaching artifacts, which may include a resume, evidence of philosophy of education, and evidence of curriculum planning such as a curriculum map, unit plan and lesson plans. Applicants must provide three references.

As per Collective Bargaining Agreement

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and resume to