At WSA, our mission is to develop confident readers, writers and speakers who feel deeply connected to and supported by our school community. We prepare our students for college through a liberal arts curriculum focused on writing, critical thinking and peer discussion, and we give them the opportunity to connect with their passions through elective coursework in the arts, sciences and humanities. An underpinning of the WSA model is a nurturing school culture that encourages reflection, collaboration and experiential learning.
WSA has a unique school model in the NYC Department of Education in that its student body includes students who are accepted through a screened program, as well as students that enter through the limited unscreened process. We take great pride in the fact that our curricular offerings reward both achievement and ambition through an “open enrollment” honors program and Pre-AP track in the 9th and 10th grades, with a goal of widening student access to a range of AP offerings in the 11th and 12th grade. Ultimately, this curriculum, coupled with college readiness supports and the development of soft skills in our mentorship program, will promote college readiness in all of our students.
WSA Values
At WSA, four key values underscore everything we do. We use these values to inform our decisions, our cultural norms and our expectations of students and staff.  These values are CommunityPersonal reflection and growthDiscussion, & Collaboration.

WSA Commitments and Expectations of Staff, Students and Families
As an outgrowth of our values, we expect all members of our community to be present and be committed to their own personal growth during the school day. As a parent, expect to receive a phone call if your child is late or absent. We know you value your child’s personal and academic growth as much as we do, and we believe that together we can ensure all students are present and ready to learn.

WSA is a new school, and we need to work extra hard to build a beautiful space, a unique school culture and create a reputation that makes us proud and distinguishes us from other schools. How we look and how we treat this space, and those who enter our space, matter. We ask that students wear their uniform with pride and treat the space and school community with respect.

We expect all community members to resolve conflict and disagreements through peaceful discussion. This means listening to others and reflecting on one’s own actions in a way that allows everyone to work towards resolution and understanding. Violence and harassing language, or unkind behavior (in person or on-line) involving another member of the school community, in or outside of the school day, is something we take very seriously and will address with appropriate measures.

Finally, WSA values collaboration as a way to build a learning community. We do this in all classrooms, and expect students to participate in groups in a way that promotes everyone’s learning. We encourage all parents to get involved with our Parent Association and play a role in supporting and shaping the school, and our staff is committed to working together to create a curriculum and school environment that supports and challenges all of our students.