August 30th, 2019

Dear Students & Families,

Welcome Back! We are excited to welcome you to the 2019-20 School Year. Student Programs/Schedules are now visible on PupilPath. As we approach the start of school, there may be some additional changes to programs to ensure that all students have a finalized program.

On the first day of school, Thursday, September 5th, please ensure that you/your child arrives with enough time to pick-up your new phone bag on the Terrace and pass through Scanning. A friendly reminder that Scanning opens at 7.30am for all students. 

Students will report to classrooms based on last name to pick up a paper copy of their schedules as well as meet with their new grade team teachers for the 2019-20 School Year during 1st period. A reminder that our expectation for our all scholars is 90% Attendance and that starts on the first day of school.

Students will have an opportunity to submit program/schedule requests during the first week of school by completing a form and submitting it to their Guidance Counselor. Program changes will be granted only in the case that a student is missing a course for graduation requirements or if a student was programmed for a course erroneously. Friday, September 13th will be the final day for requesting any program/schedule changes.

For students enrolled in AP Courses, AP Courses cannot be dropped. If you are interested in adding an AP Course to your program, that is possible during the first two weeks of school. Once again, the school will cover the cost of all AP Exams in May 2020.

For students enrolled in Regents-based courses, students are required to take the Regents at the end of the course. These courses include: Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Living Environment, Chemistry, Physics, Global History, US History, and English 11. All students are expected to take four years of English, History, Math, & Science and achieve a college-ready score on the Math (70) and English (75) Regents Exams.

We are looking forward to another successful school year!


WSA Leadership Team