ap for all announcement

Dear Parent or Guardian of an Advanced Placement Student,

Good News! The cost of AP exams for students who are eligible for free or reduced-price lunch will be covered by the Department of Education. Please contact me or inform our school’s Principal, Guidance Counselor, or AP Test Coordinator as soon as possible that your student plans on taking the exam. We can answer questions you may have about the AP exam, fee coverage and your child’s eligibility .

The first deadline to register for the exam is tomorrow, April 12, 2019. The final deadline our school can order AP exams is Friday, April 19. Your child will take the AP exam sometime between Monday, May 6 and Friday, May 17, 2019.

For additional questions about the Advanced Placement program, exam process, student accommodations, and more, go to apstudent.collegeboard.org or call AP Services for Students at 212-632-1780, Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 9 PM Eastern Time, or email apstudents@info.collegeboard.org

Thank you and best of luck on the upcoming AP exams.