Transition from Middle School to High School could be really rough. You unfamiliar with the layout of the school, scared of the classes you may take, not aware of the rules and regulations, and you don’t know anybody at the school yet. 

Well here at WSA, we try to make every bit of this transition for you easier and beneficial. At the moment, we are accepting all incoming students and families to stop by our Main Office (Room #405) to fill out all paperwork needed for the upcoming year. To do so, you must contact either Mr. Ozzie Garcia (  or Ms. Dinorah Rodriguez (  and Mr. Henry Rivera ( through their emails or ask for them when you call the Main Office at 718-904-5050. 

You will get the opportunity to fill out all necessary paperwork; such as Emergency Contact Cards, Montefiore Clinic Waiver and etc. We will also notify you about our Summer Bridge program, which takes place August 2nd-August 4th, and provide you with the permission slip that needs to be provided to us before July 29th. We will have uniforms on sale and provide you with a supply list for the new school year. Also information on our Freshmen PBC trip will be available as well as the paper work needed for it to. 

So, feel free to set up your appointment as soon as possible and we will see you soon. 

Thank You and Have a Great Day =)