Westchester Square Shines at Hamilton from Westchester Square Academy on Vimeo.

May 11th, 2016. Another amazing WSA trip moment took place. This time it was on display in front of the entire audience at Richard Rogers Theatre, who got to enjoy the moment live. The setting was set because a group of our students along with some of our staff attended the musical, Hamilton, which is the reason for their presence.

The Broadway show is a musical that depicts the life of Alexander Hamilton (the first Secretary of Treasury). While it may seem as it would not be fitting as a “must-see show”, the City has been buzzing and the ticket prices have been steadily rising daily due to the demand being display to see the show. This certain day, the Theatre choose to add another wrinkle to the already stellar 2-part show.

The audience for this particular day were High School students from all over city, including our very own from WSA and other building mates. At the conclusion of the two part show, the cast of Hamilton opened the stage up for some performances from the audience. And right there, the magic and mystic of our student’s created another  wonderful WSA Trip moment. Above is a video of our kids putting on a show for everybody to enjoy.