As the school year approaches its end, the award ceremonies are starting to take place. The ceremonies are not in place to make our school and staff look good, but to actually reward the students for putting their full effort and time into their academics. The more effort and dedication applied by the student, the more prestigious the award becomes. With that being said, on Thursday, May 19th at 5pm, The National Honor Society Induction Ceremony will take place.

An induction into the National Honor Society is one of the highest academic honors you can receive. To achieve this honor, the student had to go through a couple different requirements to show off that they are fully qualified to be worthy of an induction. During the past 2 months, students were selected by the National Honor Society Committee and if the selected student were interested in the opportunity, they were then asked to complete forms, which is provided by the Committee. The forms would display their personal accolades, recordings of their acts of service over their high school career, and they would also have to provide an essay in which they are required to explain why they deserve a special place in National Honor Society history by putting on display their strengths of character within/outside of our school community. 

Pre-Inductees would also have to go through the National Honor Society interview process. The interview process would be conducted by our esteem staff members of WSA. The interview process will consist of the examination of the materials that were submitted and the review of all answers provided by the student in the meeting.   

After this intense and committed process that the student goes through to become an inductee for the National Honor Society. The National Honor Society Committee will then send out the acceptances letters. The acceptance letters have been given to each inductee on March 8th. The ceremony will take place on Thursday, May 19th at 5pm at 3000 E Tremont Ave. Invitations will be given out soon.