Tuesday, April 19th will mark the end of our Spirit Month extravaganza. To celebrate the end of an awesome Spirit Month, Tuesday’s dress-up theme will be “Pajama Day”. The theme of the day will allow you to show off your best ‘PJs’ set. As we urge all of our students to show off their best Pajama outfits, we do ask to make sure they are still appropriate to be worn in the building. Creativity is key, as the Race for New Roc City continues, so the more creative you and your mentorship are the more points you will receive. So get comfy and make sure to bring a pillow, as we are set to celebrate the end…..in our pajamas!!




PS: Students who choose to not participate must come to school in FULL UNIFORM. This is not a dress down day, so students’ whose outfits don’t qualify as a Pajama set, will be considered out of uniform.