Rugby Season has just begun and the excitement around this team has the entire school buzzing. The team is having a terrific start to the season, as they pulled out 2 wins in their first four games. Now, you may be confused a little on what qualifies as a win for Rugby.

As any competitive sport played by mankind, the team who scores the most points win. The way to score points during the game is by converting a “Try” and a “Conversion”. A “Try”, which could be similar to a touchdown in Football is made when the team possessing the ball crosses and successfully grounds the ball in their opponent’s in-goal. By doing so, 5 points are then rewarded to the scoring team. After a “Try” is completed a “Conversion” can take place, which can be attempted by either a place kick or drop kick that successfully goes thru and above the crossbar of  the H-shaped goal post located in the back of the in-goal. During this high pace and exhilarating 14 minutes of continuously running clock (which include two 7 minute half’s with no allowed time-out), each player on the field will have a opportunity to score a “Try”, run with the ball, pass, tackle and invade opposition. While Rugby demands a lot from its players, it is a true team sport that helps develop and install important life benefitting lessons, such as team work, discipline, respect, camaraderie, honesty and leadership skills.

Now, with all the logistics out the way, let’s get back to our teams. Lets start with our Boys Rugby team who is led by one of our very own members of WSA’s Dean Team and Physical Education Department, Jozef Mackie. Since Rugby is not a sport played very much in  the States, Coach Mackie has done a fantastic job of integrating the sport into the School’s Sports Culture. In their short history, the Boys Rugby team has been on the brink of winning a championship for a couple of years now and they look to finally accomplish that feat this season. With some new additions to the team, and some returning key players from the previous year, Coach Mackie think’s this could be the team that finally gets over the hump. If you want to catch the Boys Rugby team in action, Friday, April 15th at 4pm they will have another set of games at Randall Island on field 74 & 75.

Good Luck Guys !!! Bring home the hardware.