Hey WSA,

As many of you may not know, but Lacrosse Season has started. WooHooo !! After all the blood, sweat and tears of a grueling but very well needed off-season, both our Boys & Girls Varsity Lacrosse Teams started their pre-season schedule off  with an intense Citywide 4 game tournament sponsored by CityLax.

The Girls Lacrosse Team, which consist of 20 players (with 9 players being freshman), are a very young team but are ready to do what ever it may take to make their presence felt in this year’s Bronx/Queens division of Girls Varsity Lacrosse. Led by our very own Dayna Moneta as their coach, the Lacrosse Lady Lions will begin their season on March 14th at home against Long Island City at 5pm.

In their first year under new coaching, the Boys Lacrosse Team start their season off with a very good day at the City Lax tournament. With earning 3 wins in 4 games, the Boys are off to a good start. They will depend heavily their experience of their Seniors and Juniors who have been playing for 2 or more years for the school. The Lacrosse Lions will start they season at home on March 15th against the Albert Tuitt Educational Campus Panthers.

Both of our Team’s schedules can be found on psal.org under the Herbert H. Lehman Campus page.

GoodLuck to our Lions and Lady Lions. Bring home the hardware.