Senior Week.jpg


Hey WSA Seniors,

This week is Senior Spirit Week at WSA! From, Monday March 14th through Friday March 18th, all seniors are allowed to participate in our senior festivities!

The dress down/spirit days are as follows:

Monday March 14th – Nerd Monday (Make sure to wear your nerdy attire!)

Tuesday March 15th – Twin Tuesday (Twin with your friends!)

Wednesday March 16th – Wacky Tacky Wednesday (Make sure to dress as tacky as you possibly can!)

Thursday March 17th – Throwback Thursday (Dress as if your from the past!)

Friday March 18th – International Day (Represent your culture/country)

Remember that any student who does not wish to participate in Senior Spirit Week,  MUST WEAR FULL UNIFORM! Since seniors are allowed to dress down and dress according to these days in which they wish to participate in, regular dress down for those who do not want to participate is not permitted, so make sure to be in full uniform if you are not planning on participating!

We can’t wait to see your outfits!

Thank you all!